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" I am an expert in retail design and have worked with national companies you are familiar with; Piggly Wiggly, BUTERA Fruit Market, A. Caputo's Fresh Markets and more. I use my fine arts and design background to tell your story in memorable way "


Margaret G.K. Krolikowska, MFA

Margaret G.K. Krolikowska, MFA is a designer who graduated from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago (MFA in 1994). She was a lighting and exhibition designer for The Field Museum in Chicago. 

Last 10 years she is focusing on artistic retail design.  Margaret Gosia K. Krolikowska and her team of MEK Design Studio, Inc., created many artistic retail design concepts for such a companies like Piggly Wiggly, Butera Fruit Market, Angelo Caputo's Fresh Markets, Fresh Farms and Brookhaven Marketplace and more.

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